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An Evaluation of how new players are being directed badly in SMITE.

Hello everyone! Today, I'm going to be writing on the topic of how new players are directed through the game,

PARADIGM enters Counter Strike: Global Offensive

PARADIGM enters the North American esports market for the first time with the pickup of Levitate Gaming in ESEA Main.
Dreamhack Masters

Dreamhack Smite Masters tickets on sale now!

For the first time ever, Smite is going to Dreamhack and PARADIGM could be competing! The top three teams from Europe, North America, and teams from China, South America, and Brazil will be competing at the first-ever Smite Masters tournament. While PARADIGM has not yet officially qualified, they are currently in the running for top three in Europe and are expected to be attending.

PARADIGM VS The Leftovers – Spring Split 2016

Game 1 - Quick-Recap[spoiler style='yellow']Bans  First Blood0:16 - Xaliea on JunglerFirst Gold Fury -First Tower

PARADIGM VS Panthera – Spring Split 2016

Game 1 - Quick-Recap[spoiler style='yellow']Bans First Blood5:56 - QvoFred on AdaptingFirst Gold Fury 10:58

PARADIGM VS FNATIC – Spring Split 2016

Game 1 - Quick-Recap[spoiler style='yellow']Bans        First Blood3:30 - Xaliea on BigManTingzFirst Gold Fury   10:27 - PDG (0-5)First Tower  14:44 - PDG (0-6)First

A New Direction For PARADIGM

Over the last year, PARADIGM has become one of the leading names in SMITE. Becoming the European Champions in 2015 after

“Don’t Worry, I’m Full Of Energy!”…

...and not only that, but our adorable Mayan Assassin Awilix will now also be the lucky owner of a PARADIGM


You can purchase PARADIGM Awilix in the PARADIGM bundle for 400? Included in the bundle is PARADIGM Awilix, a PARADIGM ward skin, and bonus Fantasy Points for your Season Ticket! Available NOW in-game on both console and PC.