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  3. PvM Gert

    Gert PvM loot log

    Abyssal Whip #1 - 335 KC Abyssal Whip #2 - 411 KC Abyssal Head #1 - 465 KC (1/2000 drop) Abyssal Head #2 - 492 KC (1/2000 drop) Unlocked the ability to create a slayer helmet
  4. Server Updates - Bugfixes and changes - v0.9.8 [Server] Your actions will no longer be stopped when leveling. A Bonus Experience mode has been added. This will be activated on Friday's and deactivated at 12:00 PM EST on Monday's. The Ironman store is only accessible to Ironmen now. Ironmen can now access the Pest Control reward shop. Various item fixes where they were not being worn correctly. Snakeskin armor now has correct stat requirements. Decreased drop potential for the Trident. Fixed an issue with Aberrant Spectres. Fixed the prices for the Holy, Unholy and Balance books. Ironmen can now access Grace's store. High-alch limit increased to 1m. Fixed the gate issue at the Lumbridge Chicken and Cow pens. Added in "The Experiment" title for Beta Testers. If you don't have it unlocked, message me in-game or on Discord. Wyverns now attack with Dragonfire. You can now exchange more than 10 vote tokens at a time. The Donator Deposit box has had its deposit timer removed. Fixed Safespotting in close proximity where you shouldn't be able to. Fixed the Donator Pest Control point modifier. You can now make Steel Bars. Sharks can now be fished in the Donator Zone. Kraken's damage has been adjusted. The Trident of the Seas has had its accuracy buffed. With feedback, this will be adjusted. Fixed acquiring double votes depending on your donation rank. [Website] Two additional voting sites have been added: Top-G and Arena-100 Minor advertisement purchases. To be continued when I'm capable of purchasing more. Couldn't have been done without @Basher - and thank you to everyone who's continued to support Paradigm! The Paradigm Team
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  6. PvM Gert

    Gert PvM loot log

    Will note here some valueable drops I am getting whilist PvMing, gear updates and more things. Note that the thread will be build up correctly as soon as I get my PvMing more going, but lets start off with the first picture Trident #1 Trident #1 - 31 KC Trident #2 - 66 KC Trident #3 - 101 KC Trident #4 - 104 KC Trident #5 - 121 KC Trident #6 - 142 KC Trident #7 - KC 156
  7. Donation Ranks Gold Donator $10 Donated - $49 Access to DZ 2 Extra Pest Control Points Caskets have a 5% chance to provide double coins Crystal keys have a 5% chance to provide double loot 2 Extra PK Points Access to Donor Forum Access to Donor Discord channel Rune Donator $50 Donated - $99 All previous rank benefits Access to DZ 5 Extra Pest Control Points Caskets have a 13% chance to provide double coins Caskets now also have a 3% chance to provide a $10 Bond Increased 10% chance to receive clue bottles and birds nests 5% Cost reduction to item repairs 5 Extra PK Points Ruby Donator $100 Donated - $499 All previous rank benefits Access to DZ 8 Extra Pest Control Points Caskets have a 20% chance to provide double coins Caskets now also have a 3% chance to provide a $10 Bond Caskets now also have a 3% chance to provide a $50 Bond Increased 15% chance to receive clue bottles and birds nests Increased 10% chance to receive clue scrolls 10% Cost reduction to item repairs 8 Extra PK Points Superior monsters now have an increased 7% chance to spawn Yell cooldown timer of 15 seconds Double vote tickets for voting Cancel your slayer task for 15 points, instead of 30. Instanced boss item recovery is 8% cheaper “King” title Emerald Donator $500 Donated - $999 All previous rank benefits Access to DZ 12 Extra Pest Control Points Crystal keys have a 12% chance to provide double loot Caskets now also have a 5% chances to provide a $10 Bond Caskets now also have a 5% chance to provide a $50 Bond Caskets now also have a 3% chance to provide a $100 Bond Increased 22% chance to receive clue bottles and birds nests Increased 15% chance to receive clue scrolls 15% cost reduction to item repairs 12 Extra PK Points Yell cooldown timer of 10 seconds Triple vote tickets for voting Block slayer tasks for 40 points, instead of 100. Instanced boss item recovery is 12% cheaper Ability to store 30 essence in the Giant rune essence pouch “The Wicked” title Onyx Donator $1000 Donated All previous rank benefits Access to DZ 15 Extra Pest Control Points Crystal keys have a 15% chance to provide double loot Caskets now also have a 5% chance to provide a $500 Bond Increased 27% chance to receive clue bottles and birds nests Increased 20% chance to receive clue scrolls Extra roll for the rare item table in clue scrolls 20% cost reduction to item repairs 15 Extra PK Points No yell cooldown Cancel slayer tasks for 10 points Instanced boss item recovery is 15% cheaper Ability to store 100 essence in the Giant rune essence pouch “The Corrupted” title Two corrupted armor pieces - (super rare cosmetic armor) Unique usergroup effect on Forums Golden Mystery Box Rarities Common Seeds, Infinity, Dragon armor, bones, Master Wand, Mage's Book Uncommon Barrows, Rings, Whip, Dark Bow, Abyssal Dagger, Wards Rare GWD Armor, GWD Weapons, SOTD, Zamorakian Spear, Blowpipe, Fury, Attacker Icon, Trident, Black Santa, 3rd-age Melee Super Rare Corrupted armor, 3rd-age tools
  8. Awesome updates! Glad to see things moving in such speed. Big thanks @Dark for keeping us updated & many thanks to developers @Hassan @Basher for so many fixes in that short time.
  9. Server Updates - Bugfixes and changes - v0.9.7 [Server] Voting and Vote Rewards has been implemented. After voting, type ::reward ingame to claim your Tokens. Hopeez can then convert these to points if you wish. The vote reward shop has been tweaked. The Consumables shop has been tweaked. Players will no longer have their warrior guild tokens removed when outside of the Cyclops area. The Elysian Spirit shield's passive no longer activates after death or removing it. Marks of Grace can now be picked up as intended. Marks of Grace now spawn more frequently while training agility. The spikey chain in the Slayer Tower now allows Gold+ donators to climb it. The Water Rift in the Abyss now teleports you to the Water altar. Your combat and skilling actions will no longer be interrupted by leveling up. Yay! Boosted stats are no longer reset when leveling that skill. Pure Essence can be mined when you're 30+ Mining now. Fixed the Crazy Archaeologist's AOE attack. You'll now be able to access Grace in the Rogue's Den via the Thieving teleport. Ava's bag prices have been tweaked. Black Mask reduced to 200 points from 500. Looting bag reduced to 50 points from 950. Fighter Torso has been moved to the Void Knight store. Pest Control should now be easier to complete. Slayer Task Blocking is no longer free. ::Donate and ::Vote commands now take you to the correct URL. [Website] 20% Launch sale enabled for Mystery Boxes and Bonds up to 100. Please note your 'Amount Donated' will reflect the sale value. Animated banners have been commissioned to prepare for advertising campaigns. Hiscores should now update more reliably. This will continue to improve with a plan I have set in place. The Beta Tester title should be ready for the next update. I'll also be looking into instances where combat-following isn't the greatest. Lastly, keep an eye out for the first content poll this week! Thanks for all of your continued support and making our launch go as awesome as it could of. The Paradigm Team
  10. Hey folks, Just got word from our server hosting provider that tomorrow, 17th July between 3:30 AM and 5:30 AM EST there may be connectivity issues as Internap (one of the main data link providers in the US) will be undergoing maintenance near our host location. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this short down time may cause. Dark
  11. Love to see those updates.. keep it up bro!
  12. Awesome updates. Keep up the good work lads!
  13. Server Updates - Bugfixes and changes - v0.9.6 [Server] Ranks and Status are now stackable. IE, you're now able to have a donation rank and keep your Ironman, UIM, HCIM, Server Support and Player Mod status. The Hiscores have been added! Start tracking your progress to rank 1 as soon as you next login. Pest Control is enabled and working. This is a basic mockup of PC, and far from finished, but you're able to play and gain points for your void! Gold Donator rank color has been tweaked to not be as bright as the sun. Donation ranks now appear in yell and trivia answers. Fixed an issue with Firemaking. An altar has been added to home. Nurse Sarah has been added to the DZ. She'll restore HP, remove afflictions and renew your special energy once every 60 seconds. Damage method from the Thieving Stalls have been reworked. Damage is now based on 10% of your total HP. Gold+ donators can choose to enter the Fight Cave minigame from wave 6. You can now add logs to your fire. Right-click your fire and add your logs. This results in far less experience, however, at a trade for less clicking. You can now purchase Ice Gloves from Sbott for 100k. Stability improvements to instances. Preview of what's coming next... Voting and vote reward implementation Particularly pesky bug fixes such as agility pathing; level up action stopping and more. Beta Tester title Content poll #1 Naturally, I'm prioritising bugs that most players encounter and find annoying first. Content poll #1 will introduce some fresh new gameplay. I'm also currently considering options for advertisements that best meet my financial budgets at the moment. Stay tuned! Lastly, a massive thanks to @Basher for implementing the Hiscores! He's been working around the clock this weekend to assist in everything possible. The Paradigm Team
  14. Server and Forum Rules Inappropriate language First offenses receive a 12 hour mute. Further offenses will result in 24, 48, 5 day and permanent mutes respectively. Language used against or about another player which is racist, or consistently derogatory, or otherwise deemed inappropriate within context. Furthermore, language that is demeaning to a religion, sexism, mental health or sexual orientation. Account names containing inappropriate language as aforementioned will be permanently banned. Spamming is consistently flooding the chat with nonsense or repetitiously typing sentences causing the chatbox to flood other chats. Auto typing is not to be used in Yell chat and should be set at 8 second intervals. Malicious content First offenses receive a permanent ban, depending on the context and situation. All offenses receive a 1 week ban pending review. Posting links or software that are malicious (IE, to reveal an IP address, or infect a user with malicious software). Spreading another players personal information (IE, full name, address, family members). Hacking threats (IE, threats to hijack an account, computer, or DDoS threats). Misleading links (links that look like they go to one location that go to another). Real World Trading First offenses have their wealth removed. Further offenses receive a permanent ban. Exchanging outside (real world) items, services, or currency for in-game currency, vice-versa. Bug Abuse Punishment varies depending on severity of bug. Severe offenses receive a 1 week ban pending review. Minor offenses receive a 72 hour ban pending review. Willingly abusing bugs for personal gain. Refusing to report unknown bugs. Sharing knowledge about bugs so that others may abuse the bugs too. PVP Punishment varies depending on severity of bug. Severe offenses receive a 1 week ban pending review. Abusing the PK point system in any way. Abusing PVP mechanics. Account Sharing First offenses receive a 24 hour ban. Further offenses receive a permanent ban. Sharing your account information with anyone else. Even your pet chameleon. Evading Punishment Logging into an account after being IP or MAC banned. Continuing conversations after being muted. The Administration team reserve the right to final judgment for appeals and punishments. These rules are flexible guidelines, and attempting to skirt them will simply result in the corresponding punishment. These rules are subject to change at any time provided a member of staff posts below detailing the change.
  15. Hey everyone, The countdown has ended. Paradigm will be playable shortly, as our Play Now button will be updated with the new launch client. Accounts have been reset. Those whom were donators on OSV, please send me a Private Message on Discord or the forums with proof (in-game screenshot or Paypal payment). They will be refunded manually, and we'll be able to get you set up soon. Beta testers will receive the "The Experiment" title within the next few days - don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you - for now enjoy your exclusive forum title. Updates will be rolling throughout the weekend to patch up pesky bugs that are proving to be a nuisance to most players, as well as going through our list of issues that weren't terribly pressing. Whilst we're still continually fixing arising issues, accounts will not be reset. See you in-game!
  16. Server Updates - Bugfixes and changes - v0.9.5 [Server] The AOE attack of Crazy Archaeologist has been slowed down slightly Some NPCS entity feed would not update correctly, this has been resolved Fixed an issue where when looting a crystal chest, it would give you two times the loot instead of the ordinary Fixed various small issues with pest control Kraken issues fixed Fixed aggro timer for many NPC's Donator store reworked Venom state resets on death now Magic wheat in Puro Puro now works as it should in OSRS Flax Picking no longer gives crafting XP Dragon Mace special activation slowed down Rogue's Den banker now works Some NPC death animations have been fixed Kolodion's Arena renamed to Mage Arena A warning is now issued before removing a bank placeholder Kree'arra animations corrected Zilyana animations corrected Cyclops no longer have a 100% defender drop rate Drop rates have been tweaked Server better queue's the player offline when logging in right after having logged out Issue fixed when trying to click an object and performing an action Fixed an issue where hunter NPC's would not detect traps Fixed an issue where some NPC's would not retaliate Improved the run drain formula to match OSRS Player shops temporarily disabled pending improvements [Client] Improved error response methods Improved auto updating An issue where the cache would not correctly download for first time players has been resolved New client art has been completed, however it still needs to be packed into the client. Expect an update or two a day, at least for the weekend to allow us to catch up on immediate bug fixes and remaining issues that might be seen as a nuisance to most players. We'll be monitoring the launch closely and taking your feedback in strides. For those who participated in Beta testing, you'll need to redownload the new launch client which alleviates some caching issues.
  17. i did personly vote for Jatiszo i'd like to see the skilling area, will follow the location for our home. it's amazingg place to gain some exp out. -Hey its me ____________
  18. Welcome to Paradigm, hope you wil enjoy your stay 🙂 -Hey its me ___________
  19. Ampy

    Ironman Stores

    If you have a suggestion you should just post it.
  20. what about runes? @Ampy
  21. I totally agree with gert on this one..
  22. Hello, I'm Alper, 21 years old living in The Netherlands! I'm happy to see everyone in this server K3 Love, Onyx
  23. I did vote for Kourend, due of alot of room and it just looks dope. Jatiszo feels in my opinion too creepy/dark place to be home. Just my personal opinion
  24. I've only gone for Jatiszo as i think it will offer the best layout to create more of a community feel with regards to the locations of all the NPCs. I'd really like to them see spaced out a bit, maybe in their own buildings, instead of them all being in one line like most other rsps.
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