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  3. The Server's Elite Skilling Clan Requirements are: Combat Levels 1-15 (if 99 prayer) Total Level of 350 or higher A net worth of 10M or more Playtime must exceed 5 hours To be ranked higher in the CC you must exceed the required playtime and net worth for the next Tier Must be active more than 24 hours a week The Clan's Ultimate Goal We strive to reach for the ultimate Paradigm skiller only clan, this means to become the most wealthy, powerful, and experienced skilling clan available. If this is something you wish to be a part of, and you believe you have what it takes to skill with the most dedicated and elite players; then wait no further, JOIN TODAY by submitting the following format into a clan leader. IGN: Combat Level: Net Worth: Playtime: Favorite Skill: Copy and paste this format and fill it out in a message on forums to a Skill Elite clan leader. CLAN LEADERS Alex
  4. Indian


    hahahaha very funny ill clear u all 1 on 1 scrubs
  5. Rank applied, thanks for donating.
  6. Only 60 dbones thats unfortunate, other than that nice serp helms bro. Good job
  7. Hey there, Would like to request Rune Donator Rank IG Name: Siri Discord Name: SiriPinang Thank you!
  8. Hey guys. This will be my first post on these forums. I figured i'd start out with a slight drop log. These are the accumulated loots from 150 consecutive Zulrah kills. I've not included the magic seeds, nor the palm tree seeds, as i have no reason to pick them up. Some of the dragon bones have been used towards my prayer level, and I've received caskets and crystal key pieces, but i'd rather not include those in the drop log. Looking forward to making more kill tabs for the server. 🙂
  9. PvM Gert

    F L A X

    Hello F l a x
  10. F L A X

    F L A X

    Hello. Good to see old faces.
  11. Hi folks, Ironman accounts will no longer receive Mystery Boxes. This is to ensure maximum consistency of the game mode for everyone. At a later date we'll be adding in an ironman mystery box which will include cosmetics. Currently, Ironman accounts are still able to trade the ironman donator shop at home. Dark
  12. This is unacceptable. I do not accept your apology. Get your ass back here now! jk c u soon
  13. Thank you for these excellent updates!
  14. Thanks for the update Boss!
  15. Dear Paradigm staff team & players, To clear things up, and give more information to the staff team of Paradigm and players, I am currently unavailable to access the game due of my work situation I am having. I promised to be done with it on saturday morning, but theres slight problems that occured with it and it went way longer than expected. I should be available again once its finished, I cannot give a exact deadline but it should be soon after Ive cleared everything up. I feel shamed and sorry for letting everyone down and leaving such an late informative post for it. I will eventually still keep an eye on the forums as much as I can. Apologies, Pvm Gert
  16. Server Updates - Bugfixes and changes - v1.0.1 [Server] Granite longswords should now function correctly Graceful shops can be accessed by regular accounts now Helper Status & ironman compatibility added Most battlestaves should have the proper equipment and rune requirements Global announcement added for claiming donations Equipment boosts should now be calculated correctly Blue dragons should now count toward your task correctly Auto-casting should now function correctly Mystic staffs now auto cast Fixed an issue with rings of recoil - further QA needed, however You'll now be able to use the pestle and mortar Long slayer tasks in the information tab should no longer be cut off As of tonight, 9PM EST Ironmen will no longer receive Mystery Boxes. An announcement will be posted shortly. Ironmen can now choose to buy 15 battlestaves for 105k at the Barrel of staffs located within the Home area. Lastly, apologies for the slow updates recently. Basher and myself both had family weekends and birthdays - we're back in full swing now however. I ran into a small snag with making Vorkath available (and the recent time away prevented me from seeing to its completion) - he's still on the schedule! The Paradigm Team
  17. Burgz


    This is my second time ever doing HCIM or any type of ironman. I have no clue as to what skill would be the best to start with I did fishing for food, but now herb im finding trouble ETC Fastest way to do a skill ? smashing out 2 at once leme know ur tricks :D ANY TIPS ?
  18. GL man. Honestly I would love to see more information down as to why you want the position, I'm not the one who decides of course but I know everyone likes to see more to an application than just a few lines. :]
  19. Username: Shops Age: 21 Previous Experience: No staff experience, but long time rs and rsps player, Would love to learn the ropes. What are some qualities that you believe a staff member should demonstrate? Being Active, Well mannered and professional when handling situation. Dedicated to making the server a better experience for all. Brief explanation why you believe you're right for Server Support?: I am very active so I know most things about the server. With this info, I am always helping people out and answering their question. I am very friendly and get along with most people. I want to help grow this server as much as I can, as I know it can and will be one of the biggest servers out there.
  20. I have not looked at the rewards for trivia, but to be honest its just trivia to me. It's not meant for the best rewards in my mind it's really meant to be the first one to answer. Maybe more of a cash rewards is needed ?!? At the same time I do think maybe it does need a revamp. Maybe taking some items out of the vote shop and putting them into the trivia shop would be ideal, also making the items in the trivia some what worth some cash in a sense to gamble with or even trade for. I like cosmetics better than the armor it self that's worth of bossing for.
  21. Sounds like a great suggestion. I currently just ignore the trivia as the rewards are so minuscule.
  22. Suggestion title: Trivia Reward Points + Reward Store. Description: As we already have a trivia system in place, i feel it would be beneficial to players who enjoy participating in this to gain reward points upon answering a question correctly. The rewards don't have to be anything special, cosmetics for instance, possibly castle wars rewards (decorative armour, halos etc) or something along those lines. As for the points system you could make it start at 1 point per correct answer and possibly increase the reward points for correct answer streaks. - Would just like to say you have a great server. Thoroughly enjoying my adventure thus far.
  23. OLA PVM GERT ONE THAT KILLED MY HCIM ON ANOTHER SERVER.... Yes I will always remember that, I will have my revenge on you soon >:) I have done it in the past where I had a gaming friend for 8 years and finally met them going there or them coming here and actually it was quite fun, it was like the game came to life in a sense, everyone was the same, nobody was lying about who they were. It was actually a fun time going to the arcade, drinking, eating with people who've you have been friends with over the internet. THOUGH. My girlfriend at the time was like why the F*** would you do that ? she tried to make dumb excuses as if I was going to get murdered or if it was actually a girl ... DOT GET A CRAZY GF
  24. I agree to all. OFFTOPIC: I wonder if there is away to get forum arcade games implemented into the forums, I've seen it somewhere years ago on a different game I used to be apart of. It had highscores, around 10 forums arcade games with minimal rewards towards in game currency and what not. KEEP THE FORUMS ALIVEEE
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