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  1. This is unacceptable. I do not accept your apology. Get your ass back here now! jk c u soon
  2. Sounds like a great suggestion. I currently just ignore the trivia as the rewards are so minuscule.
  3. Ampy

    Buying Donations

    100$ Donation.
  4. Ampy


    Welcome to Paradigm.
  5. No to those Skotizo drops. Vorkath is being worked on at the moment. Graceful shop is already in game. Teleport to Rogues Den and trade Grace.
  6. One step closer to server domination!!! MUHAHAHAHA
  7. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! QOL ❤️
  8. Ampy

    Buying Donations

    Sold ACB for 30$ to trader.
  9. Ironman updates incoming. WOOHOO \o/ thanks for hard work.
  10. Welcome back :)
  11. Ampy

    Buying Donations

    I have 3 Black Santas. 2 Dragon Full helms. 1 3rd Age Platebody. 1 Bandos Chestplate. 1 Armadyl Chainskirt. 1 Toxic Blowpipe. 1 Armadyl Crossbow. 3 Corrupted Full Helm. 4 Corrupted Plateskirt. Trading these items for donations. Message me if you're interested in an item and we'll work something out.
  12. Suggestion title: ::skillfilter command Description: Basically this is a command that would prevent ALL spam from skilling (you've caught a fish, you've cooked a fish, etc). Nice QOL. Don't think anything else needs to be said.
  13. Thanks for the opportunity, I will make you proud. :)
  14. Username: Ampy Age: 24 Previous Experience: Manager on a small 20-30 player RSPS. If applicable, what benefit do you think you best provided in your previous experience: Player (Customer) Service. What are some qualities that you believe a staff member should demonstrate? Active and professional. Brief explanation why you believe you're right for Server Support? I have experience in these positions and I'm definitely a leader. I'm slow to anger and quick to resolutions. I grew up in a house of 3 younger siblings and learned a life long skill that still helps me today, patience. I know the ropes and how to do things by the book. I find more pleasure in helping others than doing things for myself. I find my knowledge and the ability to help others is more valuable then anything else i can give. I learned this lesson in Runescape and still apply it to every day applications.

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