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  1. Only 60 dbones thats unfortunate, other than that nice serp helms bro. Good job
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    Hello F l a x
  3. Thank you for these excellent updates!
  4. Dear Paradigm staff team & players, To clear things up, and give more information to the staff team of Paradigm and players, I am currently unavailable to access the game due of my work situation I am having. I promised to be done with it on saturday morning, but theres slight problems that occured with it and it went way longer than expected. I should be available again once its finished, I cannot give a exact deadline but it should be soon after Ive cleared everything up. I feel shamed and sorry for letting everyone down and leaving such an late informative post for it. I will eventually still keep an eye on the forums as much as I can. Apologies, Pvm Gert
  5. Suggestion title: Forum Postcount Ranks Description: Theres nothing much to tell about it, simply add some forums postcount ranks like Bronze,iron,steel and so on, and maybe make it so in every post the postcount would be visible to others, would be able to fit somewhere on the current menu where we have group,reputation,days won and other things.
  6. Hello community of Paradigm! Havent made an introduction yet so I thought I might aswell do it. My name is Gert, I am 19 years old and I am from Estonia. My hobbies are mostly going out and partying (love the life you live, live the life you love until were young right?) and besides that I play Paradigm and work during the night time on Android Simulator project, which can be considered as a job for me since that is what pays my rent. As you might already know I am assigned a moderator role ingame and I never hesitate to put Paradigm players desires and interests before mine, so please, if you have any real-life or game problems you can always shoot me a PM ingame or throught Discord when I am not online. I am really easy to talk with and I hope to make lots of long-time friends from Paradigm who I would end up meeting one day, who knows. Best wishes, Pvm Gert
  7. Vouch for god C0ld, been beside this guy past 6 years in countless communities
  8. I like the point of the view you are looking at. It takes like a good month or two until someone actually reaches to that point. Theres lots of content to be added, so there will be always something new to do for a person that gets most of things out of his way as completed. But to get back to the topic, I think there should be completitionist cape added, which can be earned only and just only after completing some hard requirements like killing 500 kbd and such, and to additional value to the cape there must be a requirement to completition of like 10-15 prestiges in total or something like that, with xp rates being lowered by 0.25x each time you prestige, this is obviously really end-game content thinking out the box like you mentioned. This would be a really low-priority update as right now, since theres so many more things to focus onto. As right now I will eventually give you a support on this thread, but I think this shouldnt be prioritized as right now.
  9. Zulrah Guide For Beginners Guide walkthrought Quick walkthrought of what Zulrah is How to access Zulrah The Gear requirements The Stats requirements How to kill Zulrah Drops of Zulrah 1.0 What is Zulrah? Zulrah is a level 725 solo-only snake boss, meaning players cannot fight this boss in teams. Players can only attack with ranged and magic attacks, Zulrah couldnt be killed with melee. If a player dies during their battle with zulrah, they will respawn at home without losing any of their items. 2.0 How to access the snake boss? Zulrah can be accessed via the teleportation interface, which can be found by clicking on the world map icon, it is under the boss killing section named as "Zulrah" 3.0 The Gear Requirements Theres various gear setups you could use for the snake boss. In this guide I will go throught some of the gear setups that would be optimal for zulrah. Note, that the gear setups shown in this guide arent the best possible ones for Zulrah, just the simplest ones. 3.1 The voider setup * Amulet of fury can be replaced with glory, Ruby bolts(e) with runite bolts 3.2 The newbie setup * Rune crossbow can be replaced with magic shortbow, void gloves with barrows gloves or dhide chaps 4.0 The Stats requirements Zulrah is for people who have been achieved atleast Medium to High-Level combat stats. I´d suggest having atleast 90+ range with 40+ defence and atleast 82+ magic, can be done with lower stats as low as 80 range and 75 magic, but its not optimal since it would be way too slow to kill. 5.0 How to kill Zulrah? 5.1 Attack Styles Zulrah will use 3 different attack styles (magic, ranged and melee.) Each time zulrah hits with a different type of style, it will change its colours. Pray Ranged, attack with range Pray Mage, attack with range Melee, do not have to pray, stay behind the pillars. Attack with mage 5.2 Positsioning during the fight During the fight, to prevent most of the damage youd have to stand behind the pillar shown below on the picture from the start, you will prevent any damage from toxic clouds. Theres just one occasion when you have to move from the given spot, when the zulrah melee phase decides to spawn in the middle of the swamp, in that case move to the south behind the pillar. After the melee phase is over you can move back to the original spot. 6.0 Drops of Zulrah Zulrah is really good income for Pure essences, raw sharks, magic logs, dragon bones and many various skilling supplies that are highly in demand, which makes the boss profitable without any main drops at all. But besides the skilling supplies theres lots of high-rewarding items in the zulrah drop table. Hitting a rare table seems to be around 1 in 200 from zulrah which is shared with 7 items in the drop table: Uncut onyx, Crystal seed, spirit seed, Dragon halberd, Tanzanite fang, Magic Fang & serpentine visage. Besides the rare table you can also hit the Very rare table which consists of 5 items which would be the Jar of swamp, tanzanite & magma mutagen, hard clue and the pet, at an approximate drop rate of 1 in 800. I hope that this guide will help out some new players trying out the zulrah in Paradigm, good luck with the drops fellas!
  10. PvM Gert


    Hello, Callum, and welcome to Paradigm! I do remember you from Os-V, you seemed to be a nice person and hopefully we can reclaim the friendship in Paradigm.
  11. Thank you Dark for these excellent news! I will assure you I will keep working even harder than before so noone wouldnt have to doubt on that decision.
  12. Seems like I am going to get some primordial boots soon. Thank you for the update!
  13. How To Make Your First Million In Paradigm Upon joining Paradigm you will be handed 50k coins in a normal account Which isnt clearly not enought to effort your desired dream gear. In this guide we will go throught some of the easiest and fastest moneymaking methods in Paradigm. Thieving Like in most of RSPS that are around, thieving is one of the best income for a starter. In paradigm thieving is also one of the fastest skill to level, which means you will reach the highest stall available in no time. Thieving stalls can be found at south-east of home. The merchantise from the stall can be sold to the merchant next to the thieving stalls. Requirements for stall and gp per thieve: Level 1 (Food Stall): 275 coins per a thieve Level 25 (General Stall): 760 coins per a thieve Level 50 (Crafting Stall): 1453 coins per a thieve Level 75 (Magic Stall): 2546 coins per a thieve Level 85 (Scimitar Stall): 3860 coins per a thieve Trivia Paradigm has an unique trivia system where you will be rewarded for answering some ingame and runescape related questions fast enought and also correctly. Trivia is really rewarding for both - new players and also experienced players, so you must put your quick fingers into work. Answering trivia question correctly rewards you with a random amount of coins, the range usually stays at 40,000 per correctly answered question. The money will go straightly to your bank vault. You can simply answer by typing to chat ::answer (Right answer here.) Remember you must be fast! Money Caskets Getting slayer started as you join is always a smart idea. You will level up your slayer whilist training combat stats and also you will get some starting cash to pay for your supplies and perhaps to upgrade your gear. All Paradigm monsters are dropping caskets, which will give you some money if you open them. The money amount is varying around 50,000 coins, but if you decide to donate for the server you have a change to hit double coins, which would be bank loot as a starter. Notice! You do not need to be on a slayer task to receive money caskets! Slaying Dragons Slaying dragons is another effective way to make money in Paradigm, theres not a fixed price on dragon bones, but alot of players willing to pay lots of money for your bones. Eventually killing the dragons will require some stats. Id suggest getting atleast 50 range and recommendedly 40 defence before going to the green dragons. As a low level you could safespot East dragons in the wilderness, teleport to them can be found by clicking on the world map, under the player killing section you will see east dragons teleportation option. BEWARE! Its in 20 wilderness! Gear Setup Inventory Setup How to safespot them? After teleporting up to the east dragons, run directly to the west. After few steps you should see some rocks at north. Make sure you stay behind the rocks on the side where dragons dont spawn. These were the most basic moneymaking methods for new people to get started in Paradigm Hopefully this will help out any new players out there. Good luck on getting your dream gear!
  14. Bonecrusher Bonecrusher is meant to bury the bones upon killing a monster. The idea of a bonecrusher is to make the prayer easier to train up, with bonecrusher you wont have to seperately pick up the bones and bury them/use on altar, it will do it for you. It should be obtainable throught slayer store for 140 slayer points, which would equal to 4 hard tasks completition. Normal players would receive 50% of the xp thats given whilist burying the bones, 60% for gold donators, 70% for Rune donators, 80% for ruby donators, 90% for emerald donators and 100% for onyx donators. Also as additional idea, for donators, it could restore upon crushing the bone +1 prayer point for a normal bones, +2 for big bones/babydragon bones and +4 for dragon bones/dagannoth bones. Retrieving Items Upon Dying At Zulrah Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig is an npc thats supposed to collect and store your items upon a death at zulrah in OSRS. Currently we have implemented a system in Paradigm, that upon players death you will just respawn at home with all your items. The Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig would have multiple effects in Paradigm if its being implemented to the game. My idea is to add Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig to its original location, also would suggest to add the respawn location after zulrah death near to the Zulrah shrine sacrifice boat. Upon death the Priestless would store your items to its safety box for claiming, the claiming would cost you upon death 200,000 gold pieces which would make another money sink to the game and also would give ultimate ironman an extra storage room. Slayer Ring and its teleportations Currently we happen to have a slayer ring (8) in the slayer store for the price of 75 slayer points per one, also you can learn how to craft your own slayer rings for 300 slayer points. Unfortunally it has literally zero abilities and the ring is completely useless. My idea is to make it teleport you near to your slayer task and also make the check option work as an enchanted gem which shows you how many kills you have left on the task. Hellhounds and the struggle of getting herblore secondaries Theres huge demand for high-tier potions like antifires and other casual potions in normal gamemode, some of them can be purchased from the store in the normal gamemode. But for the ultimate ironman, ironman and hardcore ironman gamemodes getting herblore secondaries isnt the brightest thing in Paradigm. As Ive had a look on the hellhounds drop table it doesnt seem to drop nothing besides ancient shards, dark totem pieces hard clues and as a very rare change a smouldering stone. My idea is to add hellhounds as the main income for herblore secondaries as in noted form for most used secondaries like snape grass, wine of zamorak, dragon scale dust, red spider eggs, crushed birds nests, unicorn dusts & eye of newt.

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