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  1. Buff Trident accuracy and blood spells dont heal the player when damage is done
  2. Also in need of a Kill Counter for the Dagannoth Kings on the Activity Logger interface
  3. Also, You cannot obtain pkp if you are not in your own clan? I've been robbed of 2 kills worth of pkp and I'd like some reimbursement
  4. go trade the graceful shop buddy. Yes to those skotizo drops? His drops are useless as shit. Cant get ancestral anywhere else in game, might as well make it via the hardest boss seeing as you have to face other players as well
  5. glory needs to be changed from 20 wildy to 30 slayer tower chain requires 61 agility add kbd gate add granite longsword animation (might be able to use the same one as any ordinary scim) ADD FARMING YESTERDAY! add black chins add battle mages into mage arena (make them drop master wand and mages'book very low chance) add ancestral robes/imbued heart to skotizos drop table add vorkath to ice plateu fix tbs accuracy, always splashes add the graceful shop
  6. As the server grows the requirements for this clan will too, however there are minimal requirements to join at this moment. Wilderness Required : Gather each time Skotizo is available to kill, clear out the people there and kill the boss If called upon via PM/CC to aid in a kill or war you must come ASAP. (Rag gear if necessary) Optional : Keep an eye out for people in the wilderness via quest tab and alert the team to search for them Have scouting accounts placed in various areas of the wilderness Bossing We will be doing clan masses at various bosses to help the crew get what they need in order for us to dominate the wild, if there is a drop and you choose to keep it a small split will be required for the lower tier members of the clan whether that be items or cash. They cannot complain as they did not get the drop. Gear Required* Firecape Barrows Gloves Rune/Dragon Defender 5m* Can help if proved worthy enough Stats Required 75+ Attack/Defence 80+ Range 85+ Strength 82+ Magic 52+ Prayer *Lastly, please have some pking experience if you are going to apply.* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyone not in this clan will perish in the wilderness with no mercy, I advise you to stay out if you want to live with your precious items 😈 The overall goal of this clan is to be the eco holders and run the wilderness, if thats something that you may be interested in simply apply Applications shall be posted in the comments below IGN: Total Play Time: Stats: Gear Requirements Met: Preferred PK Build: Favorite Boss:

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