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    This is my second time ever doing HCIM or any type of ironman. I have no clue as to what skill would be the best to start with I did fishing for food, but now herb im finding trouble ETC Fastest way to do a skill ? smashing out 2 at once leme know ur tricks :D ANY TIPS ?
  2. GL man. Honestly I would love to see more information down as to why you want the position, I'm not the one who decides of course but I know everyone likes to see more to an application than just a few lines. :]
  3. I have not looked at the rewards for trivia, but to be honest its just trivia to me. It's not meant for the best rewards in my mind it's really meant to be the first one to answer. Maybe more of a cash rewards is needed ?!? At the same time I do think maybe it does need a revamp. Maybe taking some items out of the vote shop and putting them into the trivia shop would be ideal, also making the items in the trivia some what worth some cash in a sense to gamble with or even trade for. I like cosmetics better than the armor it self that's worth of bossing for.
  4. OLA PVM GERT ONE THAT KILLED MY HCIM ON ANOTHER SERVER.... Yes I will always remember that, I will have my revenge on you soon >:) I have done it in the past where I had a gaming friend for 8 years and finally met them going there or them coming here and actually it was quite fun, it was like the game came to life in a sense, everyone was the same, nobody was lying about who they were. It was actually a fun time going to the arcade, drinking, eating with people who've you have been friends with over the internet. THOUGH. My girlfriend at the time was like why the F*** would you do that ? she tried to make dumb excuses as if I was going to get murdered or if it was actually a girl ... DOT GET A CRAZY GF
  5. I agree to all. OFFTOPIC: I wonder if there is away to get forum arcade games implemented into the forums, I've seen it somewhere years ago on a different game I used to be apart of. It had highscores, around 10 forums arcade games with minimal rewards towards in game currency and what not. KEEP THE FORUMS ALIVEEE
  6. Burgz

    Buying Donations

    Ouch. I'm better off attempting to get it :P I might get in contact with you later for different items.
  7. Of course, I also think it should not climb the charts on the '' To do '' list but I also think if you have enough content to show and show some keep the players active that in its own shows a lot. I do like the completitionist cape idea since the tasks on the cape as you said could somewhat be challenging & mediocre tasks to complete to obtain it. I really like the idea of having so many prestige points also on the list as it would send people skilling for a little. Yea end game content could be months away from some people depending on how they play the game. I like pet hunting, and hoarding my items so end game content is far away for me. but everyone forgets about end game content or anything that has to do with end game, if the staff team AND OR community here finds a away to solve that. BOOM MIND BLOWN
  8. Burgz

    Gert PvM loot log

    Jesus. with my luck 1 whip per 250KC+
  9. EXP RATES I've recently been skilling of course (HCIM) and tested a few exp rates on what you guys have it set up as. Don't get me wrong I love everything about this server already, very clean in game, very easy to maneuver, but I do think the skills are slightly to high EXP wise. If you have 1 EXP rate server wide I do believe a little competition isn't a bad thing. If you had EXP rates then it wouldn't really matter since everyone can go at their own pleasure. I find that when people reach MAX to fast they afk to much at home then leave due to being bored, keeping the players active I do believe helps alot. I see the prestige system is there BUT does it get harder after the first time ? The only issue I see with my idea is that if I prestige range that how could you change the EXP rates for one skill while others still have the normal rates. So I thought if possible to make prestige a MAX thing ( possibly ) you get all points once prestige and harder exp rates every time you max and restart. If you'd rather not raise the exp rates maybe have harder level of prestige for whoever wants a challenge Could create first to max prize, first to HCIM, ETC Am I thinking to hard out the box XD EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE IF NEEDED & BE DISCUSSED DETAILS MORE
  10. Burgz

    Buying Donations

    What would you trade for the BP
  11. Burgz


    Whalecum to the community my friend, I like hardcore so eco doesnt do shit for me since everyone complains like children about it XD Also everyone tends to think items lose price after the second one is dropped M's of difference. So I just dont bother :D

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