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  1. Server Updates - Bugfixes and changes - v1.0.0 [Server] Kraken defense lowered. Fixed issue for NPCs that were able to attack through 1 tile away & walls. Rogues Den safe cracking timer lowered ~10 seconds without Stethoscope. Avas now should save arrows and other throwables. Antipoison should now cure and provide immunity for 90 seconds. (Please if there is any further issues let me know immediately.) Proselyte added to Armour Shop. Zulrahs defense was lowered slightly. Rogues Den fire should now work, and most fires in this case. Catherby range should work now. There is now a GP reward for completing Pest Control. Portals at PC should allow for attacking on more sides now. Bonfires should work again. The Wildy Resource area entry and exit fee has been lowered to 1,000 gp. Deadly red spiders have been added to KBD layer. Spiritual monsters have been added, this includes the mages that drop Dragon Boots. Bonus XP command has been configured (currently enabled with 1.25x the normal rates), and will be configured at a later date for moderators. (Once logging is added.) A few shop bugs have been fixed. That's all for this round of updates. For next day or two I will be focusing on Iron Man and other little bugs. As many of you know if I am online I am usually doing Live Updates... In some cases I will get private messages but do not have time to respond or miss them because I get quite a few. If you have any issues/concerns DM on discord or on the forums. Also now I am able to do Live Updates on most things so there most likely will be very few restarts unless something major is added to the game. Regards, The Paradigm Team
  2. Server Updates - Bugfixes and changes - v0.9.9 [Server] Robin hat and Ranger boots have been added to elite clues which can be received the Crystal Chest. Aberrant spectres should have a lowered max hit. Boss tasks now give 45 points instead of 35. More boss tasks will be added soon. The rare drop notification now should stand out more. To make bars you will only require 1 coal for each type of bar instead of the normal amount. Death on a height greater than 1 should be fixed, if it is still happening to people please let me know. Barbarian rope swing should not take you all the way around the obstacle before actually jumping. Offering ensouled heads and Dark Totems to the Slayer Master will grant more experience than before. Edgeville Dungeon has now been added and can be reached on the monster tab, some monsters may not have drops or might not be attack-able please let us know of any. Wilderness monsters will be added sometime this weekend. Nieve will now take Crawling Hands as a slayer offering. Crafting has been move from the flax fields to the Crafting Guild. There is also a bank chest that is accessible as of now for everyone. Altar of Occult at Edgeville text has been changed. Onyx gem price in the Tokkul shop is lowered to 500k instead of 780k. You can sell items to the Tokkul shop. Cows are now milk-able. Wheat can now be obtained from wheat fields. Eggs can now be bought from Miscellaneous shop. [Client] Fishing spots tools should now reflect proper tool. Teleport to home (first spell) should say proper text. A few interfaces should display proper text cleaned up. These client updates will be released at a later date when I find a good amount of things to release at once. _________________ Sorry to everyone for missing yesterday I have a lot on my plate at work so have been drained for past few days. I do try to always do live updates (usually hotfixes) as they seem to be more useful when I finish them rather than waiting till the end of the week to release them. If this seems to affecting game-play for some, please let me know as I can wait and release a big bunch of live updates/bug fixes. Take care, The Paradigm Team

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