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  1. The Server's Elite Skilling Clan Requirements are: Combat Levels 1-15 (if 99 prayer) Total Level of 350 or higher A net worth of 10M or more Playtime must exceed 5 hours To be ranked higher in the CC you must exceed the required playtime and net worth for the next Tier Must be active more than 24 hours a week The Clan's Ultimate Goal We strive to reach for the ultimate Paradigm skiller only clan, this means to become the most wealthy, powerful, and experienced skilling clan available. If this is something you wish to be a part of, and you believe you have what it takes to skill with the most dedicated and elite players; then wait no further, JOIN TODAY by submitting the following format into a clan leader. IGN: Combat Level: Net Worth: Playtime: Favorite Skill: Copy and paste this format and fill it out in a message on forums to a Skill Elite clan leader. CLAN LEADERS Alex

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