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Community Poll #1 - XP Rates

XP Rates - You Choose  

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  1. 1. What should the Paradigm XP rate be?

    • 10x
    • 15x
    • 20x
    • 25x
    • Greater than 25x (will require repoll)

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Hi folks,

So a big decision that's going to be made is deciding the optimal XP rate at which the server doesn't feel overly grinding, while not being fast enough that anyone can go bossing in 30 minutes. I've listed five XP rates to be voted on - keep in mind some of the key things XP rates will affect:

  • Speed at which unique drops enter the game from launch
  • Competitiveness within the Hiscores
  • Longevity of the server as a whole by affecting how slow or fast items enter

The maximum XP I've listed to be voted on is 25x. Higher than this will require a re-poll. The top two rates will be polled as a final result.

Feel free to express why you've chosen the rate you did to better help others understand your decision.

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Posted (edited)

25x - still rather low so that competing on HS is fun and economy stays strong, things like whips are actually worth getting the slayer up for etc but is also faster than the other options so people don't think they may aswell just play OSRS.

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