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Paradigm Beta Weekend

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Hey everyone,

Shortly the Play Now button in the forum menu will be imbued with the Paradigm client. The Beta will run until Monday afternoon (EST). The test is to mainly to uncover any other bugs not encountered during staff testing, as well as to monitor server resource usage and gather your suggestions on content and gameplay.


What to expect:

 - The home area has not been changed as of yet - so you'll find yourself at the all familiar Edgeville area. We've either logged or corrected a vast majority of the core issues (such as client crashing, gamebreaking issues, item stats, combat, and so on). That's not to say you won't encounter any, and I suspect there will be a few. We still have a fair amount of low-level bug fixing and QOL additions - @Hassan will be releasing a nice sized patch tomorrow for issues you'll experience.

- The current set XP rate is 25x - which is for all modes.

- Patches and updates will happen frequently as we push bug fixes or test an issue. You'll be given a suitable amount of time prior to updating so as to not disturb your gameplay too much.

- Tomorrow afternoon you'll be given a few commands to help your testing, such as being able to master your stats and access to high level gear. Until then I want to gather your feedback on the "noob" portion of gameplay  - learning the ropes and getting acquainted with the server.

- Weird, work-in-progress things. Many systems are not finalized yet, and they might look a little weird.


What not to expect:

- As previously mentioned there are a fair bit of QOL updates we want to push, though naturally they are lower on the priority list compared to core issues.

- Server uptime consistency. While I've purchased a decently spec'd game server, ultimately we have no real idea how it will fair with multiple players on. This also boils down to optimization issues we'll improve upon. 

- Vorkath, Cerberus, Raid content. These need some time to polish and, while on our content log, are going to be looked at once we ensure the combat foundations and systems in place are able to support smooth gameplay.

- A nice looking client. I've commissioned a client graphical rework that should hopefully be ready in the next few days.

- Shops reflecting the official launch. Many shops will be removed or tweaked - I haven't touched these yet as to get your feedback on what should remain.



What we need you to do to help out:

- Report bugs you encounter. Issues that we've already logged will be closed so that we can easily sift through bugs we haven't encountered.

- Suggest new features or changes to gameplay. Content suggestions we have logged already will be closed so we can sift through suggestions not already logged.



Lastly, thanks for helping test! I really really appreciate you taking time to help make Paradigm great. Ultimately I want to provide an overall fun experience, and by testing you're helping me do that. Beta Testers will receive the Beta forum title (and userbar later on) and a special gift on official launch.


The Paradigm Staff Team





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