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Beta Weekend Results

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Hey everyone, 

Thank you all for participating in our Beta Weekend! The test was a massive success in that we’ve discovered (assuming my math is correct) 14 new bugs that we were unaware of - some of these being core issues to fix. @Hassan and @Basher have been working on patching up the holes for the major issues and soon we’ll be able to quickly resolve the smaller issues (which, thankfully, heavily outnumber the core issues we uncovered). The server remained stable and I’m confident that it’ll be ready to take on higher numbers. We’ve also taken into account your suggestions for gameplay and I’ll be prioritizing those shortly. 


The server will remain playable throughout the week. However, as a reminder it will not be consistently playable as we work on bugs. 

I’ll be discussing with the dev team on the bug prioritization and, with our current standing, full launch is possible for the coming weekend. I’ll keep you all updated if that changes. 

Again, a huge thanks to those who participated! 

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