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PvM Gert

Zulrah guide for Beginners

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                                                 Zulrah Guide For Beginners




     Guide walkthroughtHoly_book.png.0b8940363bc2dffc916ee08c20a2617b.png

  1.  Quick walkthrought of what Zulrah is
  2.  How to access Zulrah
  3.  The Gear requirements
  4.  The Stats requirements
  5.  How to kill Zulrah
  6.  Drops of Zulrah



     1.0 What is Zulrah?Pet_snakeling.png.8aafe8c67d3be0018735e7e8600f9f5c.png

Zulrah is a level 725 solo-only snake boss, meaning players cannot fight
this boss in teams. Players can only attack with ranged and magic attacks,
Zulrah couldnt be killed with melee. If a player dies during their battle with zulrah, they will respawn at home without losing any of their items.


 2.0 How to access the snake boss?Pet_snakeling.png.8aafe8c67d3be0018735e7e8600f9f5c.png

Zulrah can be accessed via the teleportation interface, which can be found by clicking on the world map icon, it is under the boss killing section named as "Zulrah"




 3.0 The Gear RequirementsAncestral_hat.png.274402be8622d64d429b08a7a3d5b889.png

 Theres various gear setups you could use for the snake boss. In this guide I will go   throught some of the gear setups that would be optimal for zulrah. Note, that the   gear setups shown in this guide arent the best possible ones for Zulrah, just the   simplest ones.


 3.1 The voider setupAncestral_hat.png.98288e4bcf503fa09396dd1b7a74cac0.png

* Amulet of fury can be replaced with glory, Ruby bolts(e) with runite bolts



3.2 The newbie setupAncestral_hat.png.fbe5900db938de76618ca058a3a4d248.png

* Rune crossbow can be replaced with magic shortbow, void gloves with barrows gloves or dhide chaps



4.0 The Stats requirementsStats_icon.png.8ba2c21034c784e27f13f5fe38293756.png

Zulrah is for people who have been achieved atleast Medium to High-Level combat stats. I´d suggest having atleast 90+ range734175022_rangedicon.png.f414212923742f5fa044570117cf8fa2.png with 40+ defence567860621_defenceicon.png.8f19a05a0d15bebb694caeec61cbb71d.png and atleast 82+ magic21346778_magicicon.png.1b93dabaf5d8d08402eec7ee7c71d19a.png, can be done with lower stats as low as 80 range734175022_rangedicon.png.f414212923742f5fa044570117cf8fa2.png  and 75 magic1452266663_magicicon.png.cb8c4ae5708e8deb696316a95a7dd9a2.png, but its not optimal since it would be way too slow to kill.


5.0 How to kill Zulrah?Pet_snakeling.png.8f414133c44a035e4586469d543f6a16.png


5.1 Attack StylesAttack_icon.png.062eca4a4492574e80b9748845907bcd.png

Zulrah will use 3 different attack styles (magic, ranged and melee.) Each time zulrah hits with a different type of style, it will change its colours.

green.png.f62ea33913706774dd86d6478ebf7e8e.png  Pray Ranged, attack with range

blue.png.770ca6f08e8498d5b5926c5a26b45857.png   Pray Mage, attack with range

red.png.5251dd0bd635ba9e088e9182e1fb07be.png  Melee, do not have to pray, stay behind the pillars. Attack with mage


5.2 Positsioning during the fight Pet_snakeling.png.8aafe8c67d3be0018735e7e8600f9f5c.png

During the fight, to prevent most of the damage youd have to stand behind  the pillar shown below on the picture from the start, you will prevent any damage from toxic clouds.


Theres just one occasion when you have to move from the given spot, when the zulrah melee phase decides to spawn in the middle of the swamp, in that case move to the south behind the pillar. After the melee phase is over you can move back to the original spot.



 6.0 Drops of ZulrahTanzanite_fang.png.c67b5e4a0a5708317f7de3b88c4120c2.png

Zulrah is really good income for Pure essences, raw sharks, magic logs, dragon bones and many various skilling supplies that are highly in demand, which makes the boss profitable without any main drops at all. But besides the skilling supplies theres lots of high-rewarding items in the zulrah drop table. Hitting a rare table seems to be around 1 in 200 from zulrah which is shared with 7 items in the drop table: Uncut onyx, Crystal seed, spirit seed, Dragon halberd, Tanzanite fang, Magic Fang & serpentine visage. Besides the rare table you can also hit the Very rare table which consists of 5 items which would be the Jar of swamp, tanzanite & magma mutagen, hard clue and the pet, at an approximate drop rate of 1 in 800.




I hope that this guide will help out some new players trying out the zulrah in Paradigm, good luck with the drops fellas!



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