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Shops Server helper application.

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Username: Shops

Age: 21

Previous Experience: No staff experience, but long time rs and rsps player, Would love to learn the ropes.

What are some qualities that you believe a staff member should demonstrate? Being Active, Well mannered and professional when handling situation. Dedicated to making the server a better experience for all.

Brief explanation why you believe you're right for Server Support?: I am very active so I know most things about the server. With this info, I am always helping people out and answering their question. I am very friendly and get along with most people. I want to help grow this server as much as I can, as I know it can and will be one of the biggest servers out there.

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GL man.

Honestly I would love to see more information down as to why you want the position, I'm not the one who decides of course but I know everyone likes to see more to an application than just a few lines.


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Posted (edited)


Edited by Trader

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